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Specialised Packages

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The Package

Our lawn care treatments are tailored throughout the year to best suit the weather climate to ensure maximum benefit is received from each treatment.

The Greenacre package is also specifically designed around your gardens requirements, our 4 step strategy works seamlessly throughout the year keeping your lawn fed, targeting weeds and keeping the moss at bay all year.

Greenacre only uses the best quality products that are not readily available at garden centres and DIY outlets

What's included

Spring - 

Early Summer -

Late Summer - 

Autumn -

Fertiliser / Herbicide Treatments

Fertiliser /Herbicide Treatments

Fertiliser / Spot Herbicide Treatments

Fertiliser Treatment / Aerating

What it means

Fertiliser -

Herbicide -

Aerating -

We only use the best fertiliser that has been tried and tested over many years.  We adapt and balance the grade of fertiliser to make sure the right nutrients are reaching your soil at the right time of year.

At the end of fall our trained staff will aerate your lawn, allowing air to circulate through the soil and to help prepare the lawn for the harsh winter ahead.  

At Greenacre we like to make things as affordable as possible, that's why your specialised package can be paid for as a one off payment or 8 monthly payments throughout the year.

Our trained staff will apply the herbicide twice throughout the year to keep your lawns free from weeds.  Any spot spraying required in late summer will be conducted free of charge.  We will also keep a close eye on pests and other weeds through your garden and liaise with you if any further treatments are required.

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Why do we scarify lawns?

Scarifying the lawn at the right time of year can be used to reduce the amount of thatch in a lawn, help control unwanted weeds and keep moss at bay.

When to Scarify?

Scarifying lawns at the right time of year is important, we like to scarify our lawns in Spring for a light scarify session or in Autumn for that deeper harder scarify, the reason is we need the lawn to be able to recover after and to recover it needs warmth, sun and of course water. 

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